Strengthening the Practice

An Art of Leadership Refresher Program

"The training was wonderful. It was great to intentionally review the practices that we worked on in the Art of Leadership. It helped me gain new perspectives and really nail down the practices with a new group of people."
- Ruthie Dineen, Deputy Director of Programs, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

Designed exclusively for alum of Rockwood's Art of Leadership, Fellowships and Leading from the Inside Out programs, this residential refresher course and virtual training program reconnects nonprofit and social change leaders with the practices of Purpose, Resilience, Partnership, and Personal Ecology.

Upcoming Refresher Programs:

Wednesday, October 15 and Thursday, October 16, 2014 at Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga, CA.

After Strengthening the Practice, you can expect to:

  • Be reconnected with your life's purpose and learn practices to help you stay connected.
  • Gain tools to strengthen your ability to be resilient in moments of stress and conflict.
  • Be more confident in your courageous conversations.
  • Have a peer support partner for continued learning.
  • Receive three months of weekly emails with exercises to help you strengthen your leadership.

"The Refresher re-energized and re-focused me on what I am doing well and what I could improve in terms of leadership practice. I felt like I could apply many of the tools to my current challenges."

Strengthening the Practice is:

  • An overnight, 24-hour retreat held in a beautiful retreat setting. The session begins at 1 PM on the first day, and ends at 1 PM on the second day.
  • An intimate learning community of Rockwood alum limited to 24-30 nonprofit and social change leaders
  • Led by nationally recognized thinkers, educators and activists who are experts trainers.

Training Curriculum

  • You can view the 24-hour agenda here.
  • Weekly practice emails help you integrate the tools and ideas from the Art of Leadership into your workweek. Below is a sample of one of the exercises from a weekly practice email:
    • On Partnership: This week you will be exploring your relationship to others in your organization. Since we cannot lead in isolation, it is crucial that we pay attention to those whose work connects to ours. Scan the people in your organization who most depend on your work. Make a list of the 3-5 people who depend on you the most What is the quality of your relationships with these people? What's working well, and what needs some altering? Take a moment each day to check in with one of your internal partners. Offer an appreciation; clear up a confusion, issue or problem; acknowledge success.


Typically, it costs Rockwood around $1,000 per participant to produce a Strengthening the Practice Program. Room and board fee at Mayacamas Ranch is $225 for one night. We offer the following sliding scale for tuition fees to make the program as accessible as possible to nonprofit leaders.

 If your organization's annual budget is
Refresher Tuition
 $1,000,000-$1,999,999  $575
 $500,000-$999,999  $375
 $0<$500,000  $275

The tuition fee for foundation staff is $775. Tuition for individuals who are not associated with a nonprofit at this time is $575.

If you have any questions, please review our FAQs, or contact our Senior Enrollment Coordinator, Ronald Pineda at (510) 251-2500 x 115, or

Pond photo courtesy of Mayacamas Ranch.