Rockwood believes leadership can and should reflect the diverse communities in which we live and work. We are committed to making all of our programs available to as many social change leaders as possible. Program tuition is determined on a sliding scale to ensure equal access to individuals from institutions of all sizes. Generally, the participant covers the cost of travel. However, if a donor or foundation underwrites a program, travel costs or fees may be partially covered by Rockwood. 

Typically, it costs Rockwood around $5,000 per participant to produce a five-day Art of Leadership (AoL) training retreat.  These costs include staffing, marketing, individualized performance evaluations, a five-day residential retreat rental (including room and board), curriculum materials, professional trainers and personalized follow-up evaluations.

The critical support of foundations and individual donors make it possible for Rockwood to subsidize training costs for leaders whose nonprofit organizations have limited budgets. Our generous funders are listed here

The following sliding scale fee chart for the Art of Leadership program is used to determine fees based on an organization's most recent annual budget or a foundation’s assets. There is a different fee structure for Refresher courses, Leading from the Inside Out and sector-based fellowships. Contact us for more information.

AoL Fee Scale for Organizations

 If your organization's annual budget is
 AoL Fee
 $10,000,000 and up  $4000
 $7,000,000 - $9,999,999  $3000
 $4,000,000 - $6,999,999  $2500
 $2,000,000 - $3,999,999  $2000
 $1,000,000 - $1,999,999  $1500
 $500,000 - $999,999  $1000
 $0 < $500,000  $500

AoL Fee Scale for Foundations

 If your foundation's
assets equal

 AoL Fee
 $25,000,000 and up  $4000
 $10,000,000 - $24,999,999  $3500
 Up to $9,999,999  $3200

The fee for unaffiliated individuals is $3000 for the Art of Leadership.  Please contact us for more information.


Tuition payments are due within 30 days after your receipt of the training Welcome email, and must be received at least 15 business days prior to your training.  If we do not receive payment,  we will move you to the waiting list for the training.

If you are accepted to a training less than 15 business days before the training date, please make payment arrangements by contacting: or by calling 510-251-2500 x 113.

For information on individual, government or private sector tuition rates, please contact: